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Made by hand with love and simple organic ingredients

Our soap is made with only the highest quality natural ingredients, promoting healthy, beautiful skin and a healthier, more pristine planet.

Free of harmful synthetics

Most conventional "store bought" soaps are in fact detergents and contain potentially harmful synthetic ingredients including fragrances, preservatives, alcohol and petroleum that can damage your skin, and even your health, with years of exposure. Our all-natural handmade soap contains none of these harsh substances and is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Look for the word "soap" on the label of your favorite supermarket brand. Your "bath bar" or "beauty bar" is no more than synthetic detergent and cannot even be marketed as soap!

Naturally nourishing

Glycerin, a naturally occurring ingredient in artisan soap making, is often removed from supermarket brands and sold to manufacturers of skin creams and lotions. Those companies then use the glycerin to make the moisturizers and balms you'll undoubtedly need if your use so-called "beauty bars". Our all natural soaps retain their natural glycerin content, leaving the skin nourished and supple.

Made with the finest ingredients

Old Man Murray's all-natural soaps are made by hand with basic organic ingredients: only the highest quality USDA certified organic vegetable oils, pure essential plant oils, and herbs.

We never use synthetic fragrances, colorants, or preservatives. The result is a superior bar of soap that's better for your skin and kinder to our planet.

Luxuriously scented

Old Man Murray's all-natural soaps are scented only with organic essential oils (never synthetics) that don't overwhelm the senses.

Kind to our planet

Our products are not tested on animals and contain no pesticides or petroleum byproducts. Choosing all-natural helps to keep the planet green, eschewing the synthetic additives present in conventional skin care products which invariably find their way into our air, water, and soil.

We select suppliers who work hard to sustainably source our materials and are committed to minimizing their impact on the environment.